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It's time to work on better sleep if you experience...

Bedtime Anxiety

An overwhelming feeling of anxiety as bedtime approaches wondering how bad tonight will be

Lack of Time

Never getting a break because your child relies on you to get them to sleep every night

Sleep Dependencies

A child who relies on strong sleep associations like nursing, rocking, or bouncing to sleep


A child who’s over four months of age and still isn't getting a full night's sleep, so neither are you

Meet Alecia

"Mom, your mental & physical health matter to me. If you're tired and need to sleep, you deserve to."

Pediatric Sleep Consultant - Sleep Training Seacoast NH

Alecia is a certified pediatric sleep consultant, teacher, and mom with over a decade of hands-on experience working with children and families. Alecia understands how different every child and family is, and believes that when improving sleep, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Drawing from her background as an educator, Alecia’s approach to sleep training begins with empowering parents through education. She then creates customized, easy to follow, and holistic sleep plans that cater to the unique needs and goals of each child and family. Her customized sleep plans are designed to get you a full night’s sleep in less than two weeks. She also offers ongoing support to walk you through the entire sleep teaching process.

By partnering with Alecia, you can be sure that you will be teaching your child to sleep in a way that is age-appropriate, aligns with the AAP’s safe sleep guidelines, and is firmly rooted in research-backed practices. By making this decision, you are investing in a well-rested future for both you and your child. Let’s just say no one has ever regretted improving sleep in their home!

Alecia's Approach to Sleep Training

How We Can Help

Our Services

Sleep Training Seacoast NH - Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Prenatal & Newborn

0-3 months

For proactive parents looking to lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits early on and prevent future sleep challenges down the road.

Sleep Training Seacoast NH - Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Baby & Toddler

4-36 months

For tired parents seeking a solution to their baby’s sleep challenges so that everyone in the house can finally start sleeping again.

Sleep Training Seacoast NH - Pediatric Sleep Consultant


3-5 years

For parents who are frustrated from the never-ending bedtime battles, middle of the night wakings, and laying with their child for hours on end. It is never too late to work on better sleep – promise!

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What My Families Are Saying

My 22 month old son Jet would only fall asleep and stay asleep with direct physical contact, wake up to 10 times every night and rarely napped. I was desperate get him (and me) sleeping! Alecia created a thorough plan and understood Jet’s needs as well as my desire to take the most gentle and loving approach to this big transition. In TWO WEEKS Jet was falling asleep independently in his own bed and sleeping through the entire night. I still can’t believe it! We are so proud of him and so grateful to Alecia for getting us here before baby #2 arrives!
Happy parent from sleep training
Katie & Trenton
Alecia has been a life saver for us as my thirteen month old never has been able to get through the night without waking up multiple times. After sharing our story with Alecia she provided us with some immediate feedback to incorporate into our routine which made a quick impact. Her formal plan was organized, detailed and answered all our questions. We couldn't be happier with Alecia and our son has been sleeping through the night ever since.
Happy parent from sleep training
Dave & Alyssa
I was at my breaking point after two weeks of trying the “cry it out method” with my 19 month old daughter. She coslept and breastfed from birth, but with the news of my second pregnancy, I wanted to stop breastfeeding and get my toddler independently sleeping on her own. This was easier said than done. I reached out to a mom's group on Facebook and couldn’t have been luckier to get a supportive message from Alecia. After one night my daughter made huge progress with Alecia’s help and support. By the second night, she was sleeping through the night without breastfeeding!!! I couldn't believe it. Having Alecia’s help was the best thing for my daughter and myself.
Sleep Training Baby
megan & william
I took the newborn sleep school workshop when I was pregnant with my second child. It was educational and gave me the confidence to help my son sleep well at such a young age. We started practicing gentle soothing techniques when he was just a couple of weeks old. My son has been sleeping through the night, 7pm-6am since he turned 3 months old. My family is getting sleep which makes us happier and healthier and gives us energy to do fun things during the day. I highly recommend taking this workshop. You will not regret it!
successful sleep training
Bri and Seth