Newborn Sleep School

Sleep / Prenatal & First 3 Months

Master The Art of Newborn Sleep

The Newborn Sleep School is a virtual masterclass [with lifetime access] for new and expecting parents who want to establish healthy and independent sleep with their newborn.


Newborn Sleep Training Course

What You'll Learn In The Class:

Also Included:

  • PDF Sleep Needs Chart for the first 3 years of life
  • PDF Sample Schedules for the first 16 weeks
  • PDF Newborn Sleep Preparation Checklist
  • PDF Newborn Soothing Ladder
I took the newborn sleep school workshop when I was pregnant with my second child. It was educational and gave me the confidence to help my son sleep well at such a young age. We started practicing gentle soothing techniques when he was just a couple of weeks old. My son has been sleeping through the night, 7pm-6am since he turned 3 months old. My family is getting sleep which makes us happier and healthier and gives us energy to do fun things during the day. I highly recommend taking this workshop. You will not regret it!
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